Senior Halloween Safety Tips

October 31, 2017

Happy Halloween from Zeppone Caring Hands & Staff... 
1. Don’t let your loved one drive at night on Halloween. If your loved one is still able to drive, encourage them to not get behind the wheel on Halloween and any evening where little ones may be out in costume. It can be difficult not only to drive through residential neighborhoods but to pull in and out of the driveway with so many children in the road.
2. If your loved one has dementia, keep the costumes to a minimum. Having multiple friends and family members over in costume can be confusing to anyone, let alone someone with dementia. This can be overwhelming for seniors with Alzheimer’s, so wait to put the costumes on until you are not around them.
3. Don’t hand out candy if it will disrupt your senior. For many older adults, especially those on a set sleeping schedule or those with Alzheimer’s, trick-or-treating is a major nuisance. Having people repeatedly ring the doorbell can stress out or overwhelm any senior. If you are worried about your loved one’s reaction, consider turning off your light this season, or sitting outside with your candy so no one rings your bell. 


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