ADL Care

Often, patients realize that their illness, injury, or medical condition restricts activity in their daily lives, making

living alone too difficult. This may simply occur as part of the aging process as well. They want to improve their circumstances and stay in the comfort of home, but prefer not to become a burden to their family. Many find hope with Zeppone Caring Hands.

Alzheimer's disease doesn't only affect the family member with the condition. Alzheimer's impacts whole families. Coping with this progressive condition requires boundless quantities of patience, empathy and love. Professional care-giving provides individualized care for your loved one and gives you back some time to recharge.

Alzheimer & dementia
Companionship Care

Zeppone Caring Hands offers a wide variety of home health services including in-home companion care to assist seniors, new and expectant parents, and other individuals that may need extra help around the house.  ZCH provides the necessary assistance needed at home to maintain a safe and independent lifestyle. 

Personal Care

At Zeppone Caring Hands, we understand the difficulties that a family faces when a loved one is unable to perform personal tasks, like bathing and grooming on their own as a result of an injury, medical condition, or simply part of the aging process. ZCH is an experienced provider of personal care programs offered in the comfort of home. 

respite care

Zeppone Caring Hands enable’s individuals to comfortably remain in their own environments, while providing caregivers with a much needed interval of rest or relief. A period of respite may be a few hours to a few days in length.  These short-term breaks can help to relieve stress, restore energy, and promote balance in your life.  It also enables you to share the responsibility for caregiving while getting the needed support for yourself and loved ones. 

Hospice care 

ZCH helps terminally ill patients, family, and friends to navigate the final stages of a terminal illness. Alzheimer’s and other forms of dementia are usually very difficult and physical and emotional battles. Hospice is helpful in the end stages of Alzheimer’s and dementia. ZCH serves our dementia patients by controlling symptoms.

Home-Maker Services

- Errands Service 

- Light Housekeeping 

-Outside Home Support

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